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The expression cruelty is intrinsically intertwined with the illegal demand of monetary gratification (be it in cash or kind), also known as DOWRY. The expression cruelty has an inseparable nexus with human conduct and human behavior. It depends on the social strata to which the parties belong, their way of life, upbringing, relationship, educational qualification, temperament, family background, and emotions the social status has conditioned. At DivorcebyLaw, we firmly believe that dowry is a heinous social evil that needs to be eradicated. With our persistent efforts, we safeguard women through legal measures and empower them to report perpetrators of dowry-related crimes. This has earned us immense trust from our clients, who recognize us as the best dowry lawyers in Bangalore. We have made a formidable change in the lives of our clientele pan Bangalore in locations like Jayanagar, Indiranagar, Whitefield, Doddanekundi, Kuundalahalli, Banaswadi, Hennur, Nagwara, Yelahanka, Ejipura, Hebbal, R.T. Nagar, Tavarakere and more.

Take a Stand For Yourself Against Dowry-Related Harassment

Raise your Voice against Physical Trauma

Make your voice heard and break shackles to stop the physical and mental agony associated with the inhumane demands of Dowry through the assistance of the top dowry lawyers at Divorcebylaw. Take the first step with us and stop enduring the harmful effects of dowry abuse. Our clients have titled us as the best domestic abuse and dowry lawyers in Bangalore, due to our consistent efforts at working towards “Women’s Empowerment “ in the real sense of the term.

Break Free from the Mental Anguish

Find your voice against the inhumane treatment, mental suffering, and psychological scars of dowry through our guidance and legal support.

Speak up against the Orthodox Mindset

Unshackle yourself from the age-old worn-out traditions that keep your life at stake. Bring justice to yourself and your family members against the evil vice of the demand for dowry, domestic violence, and the cause of cruelty to women.

Prove your innocence against false accusations of Dowry

Fight against the wrong allegations regarding dowry that come under the facade of Women’s Empowerment. Leverage our legal counsel to give a formidable fight and win against the false cases under Dowry (498A IPC), Domestic Violence, and 304B IPC.

Why DivorcebyLaw

Strong Understanding of The Prevention of Dowry Act,1961

Our team at Divorcebylaw has been proactive in fighting for the rights of women and has handled numerous cases. These years of experience have given us a comprehensive understanding of the technicalities involved and have provided us with proficient expertise in the Prevention of Dowry Act of 1961. Our team helps women seek legal protection as per the law in two primary instances – if dowry is given directly or indirectly through marriage.

Addressing 498A IPC Cases Involving Husband Cruelty

We are equally committed to protecting and defending falsely accused Husbands and their family members, helping them escape the false cases and allegations. We understand that in recent times men have become victims of false accusations. We have empowered individuals and helped them file an FIR under Sections 498A IPC and the provisions of The Prevention of Dowry Act.

Comprehensive Understanding of Legal Intricacies

Our legal team of dowry case lawyers and criminal lawyers are well-versed in the laws surrounding dowry cases and domestic violence cases perpetrated in India or abroad and offer exceptional services including maintenance cases.We are committed to protecting women’s rights and ensuring they receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

Advocating for Women's Rights

One concrete reason for our being named as the most trustworthy dowry lawyers in Bangalore has been our commitment to stand by women in need of help. At DivorcebyLaw, we recognize the devastating effects of dowry abuse on women’s lives and the need to fight for their rights. Our experienced lawyers for dowry cases understand the gradations of the law and provide expert guidance and support to women subjected to dowry abuse. 

“Equality Of Law And Equal Protection Of Law”- This principle is deeply enshrined in our practice. We understand the intricacies of fighting a dowry case for the aggrieved woman and defending in the case of a falsely accused husband and defending him and his family members to navigate and redeem themselves from false accusations and false cases.

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