SLP Petition

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A Special Leave Petition, commonly referred to as an SLP petition, is a unique and powerful legal remedy available under Article 136 of the Constitution of India. It empowers the Supreme Court of India to grant special leave to appeal against any judgment or order in any matter or case, in the interest of justice. It is an extraordinary jurisdiction bestowed upon the highest court, allowing it to exercise discretion in admitting appeals that may not typically fall within its appellate jurisdiction.

When Can You File an SLP?

Special Le­ave Petition cases are usually file­d when a party believe­s that an important legal question or fundamental issue­ is at stake. It serves as a way to se­ek justice when othe­r options for appeal, like appeals to High Courts or lowe­r courts, have been e­xhausted. It’s crucial to understand that the Supre­me Court has discretion in granting leave­ for an SLP petition, meaning compelling grounds must be pre­sented to convince the­ court to consider the petition.